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The Benefits of Giving Unusual Gifts for Silver Wedding

It can be difficult to think of exciting and different things to give our friends and relations when we are called upon to come up with special gifts. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, an engagement or a wedding, it is important to take every opportunity to show our loved ones just how much we care about them. Part of that is choosing the perfect gift to single out the day as a special moment, and what could be more important than marking the occasion of our loved ones’ silver wedding anniversary?

The biggest problem when choosing silver wedding anniversary gifts is how to select something really memorable that will mean something significant to the happy couple. The best way to do this is to choose something a little unusual and out of the ordinary to show a depth of feeling and sentiment that you just cannot find in a generic present.

There are many options for silver wedding presents in stores and online today, but giving unusual gifts for silver wedding celebrations shows that you have taken the time to choose something unique and tailored to the recipients. There is a wealth of unusual surprises to be found that your loved ones will truly appreciate and here you can find some inspiring ideas.


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Types of Unusual Anniversary Gift

hand made silver giftsThe ideal anniversary gifts to show appreciation for your loved ones on the happy event of their silver wedding anniversary are those that are a little out of the ordinary. Although each anniversary year marks a milestone in their married life, the 25th year of marriage requires something even more special to act as a lasting memento of the occasion.

Decorative gifts are lovely and unusual gifts for silver wedding couples who value their home’s appearance and luxurious adornments. One possibility is a lavish hand-crafted silver-dipped rose that perfectly captures the beautiful and radiant spirit of a 25 year-long love. When presented in conjunction with an elegant silver dipped matching vase, this is a magnificent and eternal symbol of the enduring nature of your loved ones’ happy union.

Another possibility for any couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary is a fun experience day or short break to a popular destination. Whether your relatives would appreciate a stay in a luxurious 5 star hotel, a visit to a top spa for a couples relaxation experience, or would enjoy the thrill of a parachute jump or flying lesson, there are countless amazing opportunities for your loved ones to spend time together experiencing something a little out of the ordinary and creating more happy enduring memories of their marriage.

Unusual Personalised Gifts for Silver Weddings

Avoid dull traditional silver wedding gifts and seek out something with a truly personal touch to demonstrate your esteem for the happy couple. Classic tokens like tea towels and coasters can all be given an exciting and unique twist by personalising them with the couple’s names, anniversary date and even photographs.

A bespoke gift gives a special message of appreciation to the happy couple, so whether you opt for a decorative inscribed acrylic block, beautifully embroidered cushions or pillows, or a specially commissioned commemorative plaque or plate to single out the day as something unique, you can be sure that your one of a kind memento will remain in the couple’s home as an enduring reminder of your love and of their own long-lasting romance.

matched set with roses - anniversary idea

Other Unusual Gifts for Silver Wedding Anniversaries

give them cookies for the anniversaryAlthough chocolates and flowers are traditional wedding anniversary gifts, the silver wedding requires something a little more special and enduring to last as a special reminder of this once in a lifetime milestone. Bear in mind that the more unique the gift that you select for your loved ones, the more it reveals time and effort put into choosing something perfect for the recipients, and the more it will be appreciated.

One possibility is a gorgeous handmade or hand-crafted gift produced by yourself as a representation of your esteem. Some ideas include making a home-produced hamper of goodies that you have baked yourself, including their favourite cookies, cakes and sweets, or a box of luxurious pampering treats that you have created yourself.

If you are artistically talented, you could paint, sew, knit or embroider a truly individual present for the happy couple, or produce a stylish homemade photo collage showcasing some of their happy moments together from over the years.

If you are looking for an unusual handmade gift to give your wife on the occasion of your silver wedding, why not consider buying a gorgeous individually crafted earrings set from Eternity Rose. Created from a real miniature rose head, these stunning drops look elegant and stylish with their pure 24 karat gold trim – the perfect token of love for the lady who loves art and jewels.