24 karat gold rose

Silver Anniversary Rose – the Perfect Gift After 25 Years

Flowers are always a popular choice when it comes to choosing a gift for a silver anniversary. After all, what female on the planet does like to receive flowers from the man they love? When it comes to giving flowers your options are almost endless. A single bloom, huge bouquet, unassuming pot plant, or roses for the garden. The fact is that nothing will say more about how you feel about the special someone than the gift of flowers, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just an ordinary day of the year. If you’re looking for a certain type of flower to give as a gift for a silver anniversary then you’re in luck, because there are lots of different flowers that tie in beautifully with such a milestone in your life.

The History of Giving Flowers

silver anniversary roseWe’ve been using flowers for centuries to express certain feelings. The language of flowers is known as floriography. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese all used flowers in their stories and legends. Giving flowers as gifts can be traced back to the Middle Ages. And in the middle of the 1700’s English and French people visiting Turkey uncovered a complete language of flowers. Victorians developed this further and gave special meanings to certain varieties of flowers. Not very forward in expressing their emotions they found this a great way to open up. Giving flowers as an anniversary gift most often happens when a husband gives them to his wife, but the modern man has opened up to this type of gift, and many of today’s men love to receive flowers too.

Celebrate 25 Years With a Silver Anniversary Rose

Flowers are a great gift when it comes to celebrating any kind of event, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with green fingers. For some people, no matter how much love and attention they give to their gift, the blooms very quickly wilt and fade. For those out there who are troubled when it comes to plant care there is another alternative. No less beautiful and exotic than a rose bloom, but it lasts for an eternity. A company called Eternity Rose, have discovered how to cover a hand picked natural rose in a precious metal, making it last a lifetime and beyond. The process also works for orchids, making it the perfect gift for anniversary couples the world over.


Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A real rose with a fine coating of pure silver.
  • The silver finish is bright and lustrous.
  • The rose is ideal to express your everlasting love.

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Platinum-dipped natural Rose

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A stunning natural rose dipped in certified platinum.
  • Supplied with its own elegant display case in PU leather.
  • Boasts a glorious lustrous mirror finish.

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Tips on Buying Flowers as a Gift for a Silver Anniversary

There are lots of reasons to choose flowers as a gift for a wedding anniversary celebration. Let’s look at a few now…

  • There are many plants that bear a name which can easily be linked to the anniversary in question, for example Camellia Silver Anniversary, Rose Silver Anniversary, Buddleia Silver Anniversary and Caryopteris Sterling Silver.
  • The plant you’ve chosen could bear the name of the person you’re giving it too.
  • It could be a plant that flowers at a certain time of the year, coinciding with the wedding anniversary date
  • Many people have a favourite flower, which of course makes choosing easy, a favourite colour or a noteworthy scent.
  • Some of the questions you need to ask yourself before heading off to the garden centre…….
  • Do the anniversary couple have a garden that would be suitable, if you’re considering buying a living plant? Is it big enough to accommodate the plant you’re considering buying? Could the plant be grown in a container, if their garden isn’t big enough?
  • Does their garden have the right growing conditions for the plant to continue growing? Is the soil right, for example? Different plants prefer different pH levels. Camellias for instance prefer an acid soil. Still there is always the option of growing in pots if the garden isn’t perfect.
  • If the couples garden is on the postage stamp side of small, a houseplant might be more appropriate.
  • There is always the option of giving a garden centre gift voucher, if you really aren’t sure what to buy, or whether they have the perfect growing conditions.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Plants and Flowers

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, the 25th is a significant milestone in any relationship. Life is not the kindest of bedfellows when it comes to marriage, always throwing trials and tribulations in the way. And if you’ve managed to work your way through these obstacles, then you deserve some recognition. The Iris is traditionally associated with a silver wedding anniversary, and it is a beautiful flower with a very attractive scent. It’s name comes from the Greek word for rainbow, and is also the Greek goddess of rainbows. No wonder really, because it is available in a wide variety of colours.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some great ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts, whoever you’re buying the present for. Here’s wishing the happy couple many more years of wedded happiness.