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Fun Personalised Gifts for Silver Anniversary Celebrations

The silver wedding anniversary is a special time for any couple, but one of the most appreciated gifts that can be given to any couple today are personalised gifts for silver anniversary celebrations. There is a huge selection of personalised gifts to choose from to mark this once in a lifetime occasion, so you can be certain of finding a present that will not only appeal to the tastes and style of the happy pair but will also stand testament to their enduring love for many more happy years of marriage.

Benefits of Choosing Personalised Gifts for Silver Wedding Couples

fun anniversary giftsWhen it comes to choosing the perfect gift to mark the day of the silver wedding anniversary, a personalised gift is a much more personal choice than a traditional present. Opting to give a gift that has been entirely tailored to the recipients shows a level of care and thought that you can never achieve by giving a generic store-bought present. Engraving or embroidering the couples’ names or initials and the date of their anniversary on a unique token is one of the finest ways to demonstrate your esteem to the celebrating couple.

Not only do personalised gifts for silver wedding couples reveal the depths of your affection but they also form a lasting keepsake to remind the couple forever of this happy event. Looking at their personalised gift in years to come will recall to mind many happy memories for the couple to reminisce about, and will also cause them to remember the person who gave it to them fondly.


White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings

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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

Blue Matched Set

  • A perfectly preserved and glazed blue rose.
  • The Pendant and earrings are in leaf theme.
  • The pendant is featuring 30 synthetic diamonds.

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Beautiful Embroidered Silver Wedding Gifts

Anyone with artistic talent or skilful hands may be able to create their own unique embroidered silver wedding gift for their loved ones, but for those who lack these skills there are numerous companies available that will make beautiful silver anniversary gifts that feature elegantly embroidered names and dates for the recipients.

From gorgeous cushions to comfortable pillows, there are many lovely homewares that can be personalised for use in the couple’s living room or bedroom. Silver is a popular colour to incorporate the traditional theme of the 25th year of marriage, however silver on white is also a very common choice.

Textiles make lovely personalised gifts for silver wedding couples. Both monogrammed towels and bathrobes make excellent presents for couples who appreciate matching gifts, and with their practical yet attractive nature they will take pride of place in any bathroom.

Gorgeous Engraved Personalised Silver Wedding Gifts

The skill of engraving has been around for thousands of years, with even Stone Age man using his primitive tools to engrave shells for decorative purposes over 530,000 years ago. During the middle ages, goldsmiths developed engraving techniques that were even more complex and used them to cut beautiful patterns into metal and jewelry. The mid 20th century saw the mechanisation of the engraving industry as machines were invented to take the work out of engraving by hand. Today, engraving is a simple yet appealing way to permanently decorate items for the home or for personal use and makes buying unique yet attractive anniversary gifts a breeze.

When it comes to choosing engraved gifts for silver wedding anniversaries, vases are very popular as they can have the couple’s names and their anniversary date inscribed into the precious metal or glass. Because a vase is a decorative gift that has a practical function, it makes a fantastic silver wedding gift and is especially appreciated when presented with a luxurious silver-dipped natural rose, turned into a unique work of art by skilled craftsmen. This elegant present will take pride of place in any display cabinet or on any mantelpiece and will be a talking point for years to come. platinum rose - amazing anniversary gift

Photographic Personalised Gifts for Silver Wedding Couples

photos - anniversary ideaIn modern times, photographic gifts are becoming increasingly popular for all major life occasions, but especially for anniversaries. Take your pick from a beautifully crafted photographic collage of the couple showing images of them together from over the years from their wedding day onwards, or a pretty engraved silver photo frame bearing an attractive photo of the couple today. By adding details such as their names, their anniversary date and a unique message, the happy memories captured in these photographic presents will be given an added personal touch that the couple will appreciate forever.

Painted Personalised Silver Wedding Gifts Ideas

Those who are lucky enough to have a talent for painting can create a low cost personalised silver wedding gift that is tailored to the happy couple themselves, whether that takes the form of a commissioned artwork or a beautifully painted decorative item.

Those who would prefer to buy a unique hand-painted present for the happy pair can find many lovely options such as commemorative plaques and plates, as well as door signs featuring the couples’ names.