24 karat gold rose

Choosing 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Friends and Family

Help your loved ones to mark the key event of their 9th year of marriage by presenting them with meaningful and wonderful 9 year anniversary gifts that reveal your appreciation and esteem.

You may find it difficult to find inspiration when it comes to sourcing a 9 year anniversary gift as the traditions and themes surrounding this anniversary year are not as well known as those linked with some other milestone years, however there are lots of fantastic 9 year anniversary gift ideas if you do your research. The most important thing is to choose a present that reflects your admiration and affection for the couple and to present them with a memorable token to mark this happy day.

Traditional 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

The two materials that are traditionally associated with 9 years of marriage are pottery and willow, two very different materials that both reflect the beauty of nature. Symbolising different facets of the couple’s union, pottery highlights simplicity while willow reflects flexibility, an essential part of any successful marriage.

In the modern lists of anniversary year materials, the ninth wedding anniversary has been connected to leather, and this is another option open to you if you choose to purchase a traditional gift.


Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A real rose with a fine coating of pure silver.
  • The silver finish is bright and lustrous.
  • The rose is ideal to express your everlasting love.

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Gold-dipped poker cards

Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • Presented in an elegant high quality case made from cherry-wood.
  • The deck is produced to tournament grade standards.

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Floral 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

9 years togetherThe poppy is the flower of choice for couples celebrating 9 years of marriage, and this stunning blossom makes an outstanding bouquet for any celebrating pair. Alternatively, you could opt for blossoms in the radiant blue of lapis lazuli, which is the colour linked with this anniversary year.

Traditional Pottery 9th Anniversary Gifts

Pottery makes an excellent 9 year anniversary gift, and there are lots of beautiful ornamental options for couples to decorate their homes. A pair of pretty ceramic candlesticks with aromatically scented candles conjure up images of romantic dinners for two, while a classic tea set will never go amiss and can be used for decades to come.

A beautiful artisan pottery vase in an unusual shape or design is a perfect choice for a couple who appreciate art and beauty, especially if presented alongside a stunning blue real natural rose that has been perfectly preserved in a gorgeous glaze. Trimmed with a fine 24 karat gold edging, these unique artworks, produced by hand by talented craftsmen, would be an amazingly magnificent present for any art-loving pair.

9 Year Anniversary Gifts Made From Willow

Willow may not seem like the most appealing gift option, however there are some fabulous willow themed gifts that the recipients are sure to appreciate. A stylish willow picnic basked, stuffed full of gourmet delights for the couple to enjoy, a beautifully carved willow rocking chair to bring a hint of rustic charm to the home, or even a willow tree sapling, ready to be planted in the couple’s garden all make fantastic and meaningful choices.

golden anniversary gift

Find a Leather 9 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Buying a 9 year anniversary gift for him can be a bit of a headache, with inspiration hard to find. Luckily, as leather is the contemporary choice for the 9th anniversary, it makes both a significant and practical choice for any man. Both hard-wearing and enduring, a leather gift will last your husband a lifetime, whatever you choose. Whether you go for the extravagance of a pair of high quality leather shoes or a classic leather jacket, or an inexpensive yet fashionable gift of a cool braided leather bracelet, stylish leather gloves, smart leather belt or personalised key fob, he is sure to love his useful yet heartfelt token.

Choosing Jewellery 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

pendantIf you need to source perfect 9 year anniversary gifts for her, why not go down the jewellery route? Virtually every woman cherishes the gift of a stylish and beautifully crafted piece of jewellery, and as the lapis lazuli is one of the gemstones connected to the 9th year of marriage, it makes choosing a type of jewellery easy. Whether you opt for a pair of elegant earrings, a gorgeous bracelet, or a pretty pendant, she will adore this enduring memento of the happy occasion and will think of you every time it is worn for many years to come.