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Choosing Significant 8 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Although the themes linked with 8 year anniversary gifts aren’t among the most well known, that does not make this anniversary year any less important for friends and family to celebrate.

Give your loved ones a message of appreciation and esteem when you choose them a significant 8 year anniversary gift to mark this happy occasion. Whether you think they would love a traditional present or would relish in the unique nature of a contemporary gift, making the right choice of relevant token is key to expressing your affection at this time of year.

Traditions of the Traditional 8 Year Anniversary Gift

bronze wedding anniversaryBefore 1937, the eighth wedding anniversary was not one of the key years picked out for special notice, however when the official list was created that linked different materials with every marital year, the 8th year of marriage was connected with bronze, as a symbolic representation of the joining of two separate beings into the single bond of marriage. Just as copper and tin are blended together to form bronze, so two individuals are forged into one through the unity of matrimony.

What do You Know About Bronze?

Bronze artefacts have been found that reveal that it was in regular use from as long ago as the 5th millennium BC, with the modern mixture of copper and tin being used since the 3rd millennium BC. In China, bronze was used in burial ceremonies and in ritual offerings, and, thanks to its hard-wearing nature, it was used throughout history in the manufacture of weapons and tools. Even today, bronze is commonly used in artistic sculptures as it cannot rust. It is also often found in use in springs and bearings. Because it produces no sparks when it hits a hard surface, hammers and mallets are often made using bronze.


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Gold-dipped rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Beautiful Floral 8 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

No matter how many years a couple have been married, flowers are always popular presents, and if you are looking for floral 8 year anniversary gift ideas, you could consider the clematis or the lilac, both of which are connected traditionally to this special year. Either cut flowers or a potted plant are wonderful choices for green fingered couples.

Bronze Ideas for 8 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

anniversary gift suggestionsBuying an 8 year anniversary gift for a couple becomes a lot easier when you consider taking bronze as your theme. There are lots of fantastic home décor gifts that are made of bronze and are therefore an appropriate, significant and beautiful token that will last as an enduring memento of this special time in the couple’s married life.

Consider presents that will brighten up the exterior of the home, such as a decorative bronze door knocker or number plate, or a set of gorgeous bronze wind chimes while will ring out for many more happily married years. Alternatively, think of indoor ornamental gifts such as a bronze photo frame with a lovely image of the happy pair or stylish bronze wall art or a statue to adorn the home.

If the recipients appreciate the fine arts, give the unusual present of a bronze vase together with a striking silver or gold-dipped rose that has been picked at its finest point of beauty and preserved for a lifetime ready for proud display in the marital home.

Choosing Bronze 8 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

If you need to come up with inspiration for 8 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her, why not opt for some beautiful bronze jewellery. Both attractive and appealing, a necklace, earrings or cuff bangle would be appreciated by any woman, and she will think of you whenever she wears her elegant gift.

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Finding the Perfect Bronze 8 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Buying for the man in your life is never simple, and if you are trying to think of a significant 8 year anniversary gift for him, you may feel lacking in inspiration. However there are lots of great choices that you can select from that will be both appreciated and heartfelt. Give the gift of a bronze infinity symbol key chain and reflect your undying love, or surprise him with a stylish pair of bronze personalised cufflinks for an extra personal appeal that will touch his heart.