24 karat gold rose

Best Ways to Choose 7 Year Anniversary Gifts

While many anniversary years are well known for their connection to a particular material, the 7th wedding anniversary is not. This makes it tricky to choose 7 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones, and you may be struggling to find inspiration.

Of course you still want to show your friends or relatives how much they are loved and appreciated at this happy time, and luckily there are lots of exciting 7 year anniversary gift ideas to choose from if you know where to look. Whether the recipients have modern or traditional tastes, there is sure to be the perfect 7 year anniversary gift to show them how much you care.

The Tradition of 7 Year Anniversary Gifts

The 7th year of marriage has traditionally been connected with two materials – copper and wool. As you might expect, there is a deeper symbolism at work here. Copper has been believed for generations to bring luck and wealth to any couple who receive a gift made from this metal. Wool too has a special relevance, reflecting the comfort, warmth and safety of a 7 year long marriage.


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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Choose a Contemporary 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Since the 1930s, a second list has been created linking more contemporary items with each year of marriage thought to be more in keeping with the tastes of modern couples. The up to date suggestion for a 7 year wedding anniversary gift is a desk set, and if you choose to go down this road, you will find lots of great options to choose from.

Floral 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

yellow rose for the anniversaryFlowers have always been one of the most popular anniversary presents, and the 7th year of marriage is customarily linked with a particularly unusual plant called Jack In The Pulpit. If you can find this variety they make a stylish and unique display that would make a fantastic anniversary gift, especially if presented in a gorgeous gold or silver-dipped vase.

Yellow is one of the colours that is linked with the 7th wedding anniversary, so you could opt for blossoms in this shade to give more significance to your floral gift. For a floral gift that will last a lifetime, why not choose instead a stunning yellow Eternity Rose. Handmade so that each gorgeous item is entirely unique, these real natural blossoms have been glazed in a skilled process and trimmed with purest 24 karat gold to make a gift that will be cherished forever.

Couples 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When you need to come up with exciting 7 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones, why not opt for the classic copper theme? Budding gourmets will love to receive some stylish copper cookware, while those who delight in beautiful home décor will cherish a stunning piece of copper wall art or a copper vase.

Alternatively, opt for the wool theme and give the gift of a luxurious handmade wool rug or cashmere blanket to make the marital home even cosier.

Choosing 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

When you need to find perfect 7 year wedding anniversary gifts for her, why not use the traditional themes as inspiration? Stylish wool gifts will be appreciated by any lady, whether you opt for an artisan woollen shawl or a pair of comfortable wool-lined Ugg boots.

Finding a 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

7th anniversary rosesBuying for your husband is never simple, and choosing a great 7 year wedding anniversary gift for him can be especially hard. Nevertheless there are several traditionally themed gifts that would be especially significant in this 7th year of your marriage. High quality wool-lined gloves, a classic cashmere sweater or a cosy handmade scarf would all be wonderfully luxurious options that he is sure to appreciate.

For any gentleman who values style and fashion, a pair of personalised copper cufflinks would make the perfect 7 year anniversary gift, while a partner who is a keen fisherman would love a custom-made copper fishing lure. Keen guitarists will appreciate a copper guitar pick, while any man would love the heartfelt and meaningful token of a personalised copper keyring which calls you to mind every time he opens the door.