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Find a Wonderful 60 Year Anniversary Gift

If any milestone is deserving of celebration, the 60th wedding anniversary is right up there. If your relatives are celebrating this key event, you will no doubt want to give a meaningful gift that reveals a deeper level of affection and appreciation than any generic gift could convey.

Like most other anniversary years, the 60th anniversary has its own unique traditions and themes, and you may wish to incorporate some of these ideas into your selection of 60 year anniversary gift.

The Traditions of Diamond Anniversary Gifts

diamond anniversaryWhile the diamond anniversary is well known today, and the connection of the 60th year of marriage to this most precious of gems is famous, it may surprise you to discover that in fact this association was only formed during the late Victorian era. Before this time, the 60th anniversary was not widely celebrated as a milestone year, however when Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th year on the throne she named the event the Diamond Jubilee, and suddenly any celebration linked with 60 years was named after this huge occasion.

Before the Diamond Jubilee, the title of diamond anniversary was instead reserved for the 75th year of marriage, a milestone which both then and now was rarely experienced. Today, both the 60th year of marriage and the 75th are named the diamond anniversary.

There is a symbolic reason for linking diamonds with 60 long years of marriage, and this lies in the gemstone’s essential characteristics. There is a brilliance and radiance shining within the heart of a diamond that is said to reflect the same radiant glow of love within the hearts of any couple whose union has lasted so long. Also, as diamond is the hardest known material, it reflects in a symbolic way the resilience and long-lasting nature of such an enduring marriage.


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Choosing a Meaningful 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

To commemorate a union that has lasted for 60 years, choosing a meaningful 60th wedding anniversary gift is paramount. One way to give a present that is really significant is to incorporate the diamond theme, perhaps in a jewellery gift. Any woman would love to receive a stylish miniature rose pendant, studded with synthetic radiant diamonds and crafted by experts into an elegant work of art that perfectly embodies the essence of the diamond anniversary.

Unique Diamond Anniversary Gifts Ideas

While the majority of long-married couples will have a marital home that is equipped with every necessity and practical item, they may not have had the opportunity to enjoy every experience that they have dreamed of.

Many loved ones have been unable to afford the luxury of travelling the world, or have never had the time because of caring for family members. What better way to show the depths of your appreciation for everything your loved ones have done for you than by treating them to the holiday that they have yearned for all their lives?

Another gift that money cannot buy is to give your loved ones the treat of seeing all the family gathered together at a special event to toast the happy couple. Spending time together will create enduring memories for the pair to cherish for years to come and will bring them great happiness at this special time.


Personalized 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Personalised gifts have risen in popularity over the last few years, with shoppers realising that this is the ideal way to give a bespoke and personal touch that makes a present even more special and unique. Whether you opt for an engraved token, such as a pair of stylish wine glasses or champagne flutes, marked with the couple’s names and anniversary date, or you prefer to go for an embroidered textile gift, like an attractive cushion, cosy pillow or luxurious towel bale, there are few better ways to express a message of esteem.

Whichever 60 year anniversary gift you select for your loved ones, you should bear in mind that monetary value is not always the most important factor. Instead, the consideration and thought put into selecting just the right token is the finest way to reveal your appreciation for the recipients and is the best way to ensure giving them something they will truly cherish.