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Choosing 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

By the beginning of the 20th century, the 5th wedding anniversary was being singled out as an extra special milestone event in a couple’s marital life, and a key opportunity for friends and family members to gather round and present the happy pair with meaningful gifts.

Anyone lacking inspiration for 5 year anniversary gifts should consider looking at the traditional materials which have been associated with each marital year. For those who appreciate sentimental and symbolic tokens of esteem, these classic gifts act as reminders of a happy life event.

Choose a Symbolic 5 Year Anniversary Gift

happy 5th anniversaryFrom the Medieval period, some wedding anniversaries were already being singled out as especially unique causes for celebration. Both the silver and golden wedding anniversaries were marked out with appropriate tokens symbolising love and affection. By the beginning of the last century, there were 8 milestone anniversaries being celebrated in the UK, with one of these being the 5th wedding anniversary.

A list confirming the symbolic themes attached to each of these 8 special years was published in 1922, and by 1937 a more comprehensive list had been drawn up linking a specific material to every single year of marital union. The material linked with the 5th year of married life was wood, thought to represent the strength and wisdom that comes with so many years of happy marriage. Like a tree, a 5 year marriage has grown roots, and the couple’s wisdom has grown built on a better understanding of their mistakes which enables them to develop an unbreakable strength as a couple.


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Traditional Wooden 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Those who enjoy the challenge of sourcing traditional presents will be delighted to discover that there are plenty of options when it comes to finding wooden gifts. As most traditional wedding anniversary gifts are for the couple’s home, there are multiple choices of wood accessories, decorations, and practical items that will be of use to the pair for many years.

Some excellent wooden 5 year anniversary gift ideas include personalized wooden chopping boards, ideal for those who are never happier than when rustling up gourmet delights in the kitchen. Engraving their names and anniversary date into the surface just adds an extra personal touch to this thoughtful gift.

A wooden knife block is another practical yet appealing kitchen gift which will look wonderful in any home, whether contemporary or classical in design. Alternatively, gorgeously polished wooden place mats and coasters are a great way to incorporate the traditional theme into an enduring and useful present.

Other couples will cherish the gift of a finely carved piece of wooden furniture, or even an intricate and stylish wooden ottoman or storage box for any room of the marital home.

Another practical yet attractive gift is a carved wooden vase, presented alongside a stylish silver-dipped rose to make an extravagant and opulent gift for any art-loving couple. See their delight at this unique present that brings the splendour of nature into their home for many years to come.


Contemporary Wood Themed 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

For those couples who prefer something a little more out of the ordinary to create wonderful memories on the occasion of their fifth wedding anniversary, there are several creative gifts that you can give that will really make the day special.

A twist on the wooden theme is a hot air balloon ride over a scenic forest, or a comfortable and cozy stay in a luxurious log cabin for two. Alternatively, for those on a lower budget, treating the pair to a romantic camping stay in a woodland setting is a lovely bit of lateral thinking to incorporate the wooden theme in a clever way.

Find Some Wood Themed 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her and Him

There are several options of 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for her that are sure to be appreciated while incorporating the traditional theme of wood. How about choosing your wife a beautiful wooden trinket box, perhaps presented with some fashionable carved wooden jewellery?

For a fun wooden 5 year wedding anniversary gift for him, consider a bottle of his favourite wine presented in a wooden box personalized with his name, or for the keen workman, a wooden-handled hammer, engraved with his name, as a stylish addition to his toolkit.