24 karat gold rose

Finding and Giving Inspirational 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

40th wedding anniversary gifts mark a major milestone in any couple’s marital journey, and gives friends and family members the chance to show their love and esteem for their loved ones. In this modern world, a love that lasts 40 years is an achievement to be praised and celebrated, and what better way than by giving meaningful 40th anniversary gifts that will last for many years to come.

Traditions of 40th Anniversary Gifts

ruby wedding anniversarySince the 1930s, the 40th wedding anniversary has been known as the Ruby Wedding, and has become one of married life’s major milestones along with the 25th, 30th and 50th anniversary years. Like these other major events, it is linked with a precious material, and in this case, the ruby is the most precious gemstone next to diamonds. Traditional gifts given on this day should include rubies as they have a special symbolism for the couple, reflecting the fire of love in both their hearts as a red fire burns in the heart of a well-cut ruby.

Find Out Some Facts About Rubies

Rubies have a long and fascinating history, and were known to have been considered as valuable trading commodities as long ago as 200 BC, since evidence has been brought to light that they were being traded along China’s North Silk Road at that time. In Asian cultures, the ruby has had a special significance, and was considered to be especially important in the decoration of weapons and armour. They were even often placed under the foundation stones of important buildings to ensure that good luck and prosperity was brought to the edifice.


Gold-dipped rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

White Matched Set

  • The rose is trimmed in 24k gold and glazed.
  • Pendant & earrings made from white rose petals.
  • Each jewelry is inlaid with synthetic diamonds.

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Customary 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A customary 40th wedding anniversary gift from a husband to his wife on the day of their 40th wedding anniversary would be a stylish piece of jewellery that incorporates rubies. Whether a necklace, a pair of earrings or a ring, this would be an extravagant and beautiful representation of enduring love.

Alternatively, for a less expensive but no less meaningful present, give your spouse the gift of a stunning red bouquet of flowers, perhaps selecting striking nasturtiums which are the traditional flower associated with the 40th anniversary.

Red Themed 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

While rubies are an extravagant and expensive 40th anniversary gift idea, the colour red can be incorporated into a present that is less costly but equally significant. Red ornaments, stylish red jewellery or even a red coloured personalised trinket is an ideal way to embody the essence of the ruby anniversary without breaking the bank.

Personalised and Unusual 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

gold golf ball anniversary presentAn unusual and exclusive way to celebrate your loved ones’ special day is to give them a surprise with a twist on the traditional theme. Arranging a dream holiday to a destination with a connection to rubies is a fantastic way to supply your relatives with amazing memories to last a lifetime. India is well known for its link to rubies, and an organised tour of this spectacular country with luxury accommodation will express your love perfectly on the event of their major milestone.

Personalised ruby wedding gifts are another good way to give a bespoke touch to the event, and will touch the recipients’ heart with their personal appeal. Engraving, painting or embroidering the couples’ names and anniversary date onto a carefully chosen token will enable your loved ones to see just how much they are appreciated. With lots of options available, from cushions, pillows and bath towels to commemorative plates, wine glasses and photographic collages, you can reveal a message of esteem to your family members in a way that an off-the-shelf gift will never show.

Couples who love art and natural beauty will cherish the stunning ornament of a red glazed real rose, intricately worked by skilled hands into a fine work of art with a lavish 24 karat gold trim. Plucked at their peak of beauty, each blossom is carefully selected to ensure that it is perfect and will make a gorgeous expression of ornate elegance. Each striking piece is unique and individually created, ready for display in a prestigious leather case as an eternal memento of the love and strength of union that has lasted for 40 blissful years.