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Find a Meaningful 3 Year Anniversary Gift

Finding a meaningful 3 year anniversary gift for your loved ones may be tricky. Unlike other anniversaries like the 25th or 50th, there are no well known symbols linked to the 3rd year of marriage, yet the need to find something special and heartfelt is equally important.

Many people are surprised to find that in fact there is a material associated with the 3rd wedding anniversary, and that material is leather. Crystal is also linked to 3 years of marriage in the more modern list of substances suggested to give as a 3rd wedding anniversary gift. You could choose a gift reflecting either of these themes to give your loved ones, however there is no need to be tied to tradition, so feel free to select something that you know they will really love.

The Reasons Behind Giving Leather Anniversary Gifts

3 hearts anniversaryAlthough leather may seem like a strange choice of material to give as a 3 year anniversary gift, there is a symbolism behind the reasoning. The origins arise in Russia and Germany, where it is said that after being married for 3 years, a couple “live in each other’s skin”. This deeper and stronger understanding of each other’s ways, feelings and foibles, together with the enduring strength that a couple find after three years of successfully weathering the ups and downs of married life is perfectly reflected in the hard-wearing nature of leather. Give your loved ones a symbolic gift to mark the occasion of their third year of marriage by incorporating this theme into your present.


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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

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Perfect Leather Ideas for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

If you decide to opt to give leather anniversary gifts to your loved ones to mark their 3 year anniversary, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you can afford to splash out or are on a restricted budget, there are leather gifts to suit your needs.

For those who would like to be extravagant, a gift certificate for a top quality shoe store is a token that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who values style and fashion. Likewise, a smart leather jacket will never go out of style and will be loved by any recipient who wants to look their best. Leather bags for him and her are another excellent choice, ensuring that your loved ones receive a gift that will continue to last for many more years, just like their marriage.

Leather Anniversary Gifts on a Shoestring

If your budget is limited, there’s no need to worry if you want to explore the leather anniversary gifts theme. Any couple celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary would love to receive a simple token such as fashionable braided bracelets, a pair of matching luggage tags for their travelling adventures, or personalised key fobs to remind them of their anniversary, their love for each other, and for you, every time they open their door.

for-herBeautiful Flowers for a 3 Year Anniversary Gift

If leather doesn’t appeal, why not go for flowers instead? The 3rd year of marriage is linked traditionally with the beautiful sunflower, with its symbolism of the warmth and strength developed over three happy married years. Giving a bouquet of these lovely blossoms will bring happiness and brightness into the marital home.

Stylish Crystal 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Crystal is always an elegant and timeless choice for a 3rd wedding anniversary gift, and as it is now linked with this year of marriage in the contemporary lists it is a really appropriate present idea. From crystal ornaments in an array of colours to stylish crystal jewellery, there are options to suit all budgets.

A magnificent crystal vase is a truly marvellous gift for any 3rd wedding anniversary couple, and is a present that you know will form a lasting reminder of this unique day, remaining in pride of place in the marital home for decades to come. This gift is even more special when presented with a luxurious and elegant glazed or gold-dipped rose from Eternity Rose. Produced by hand by skilled craftsmen, each natural rose blossom has been eternally preserved in all its splendour resulting in a gorgeous work of art that will look perfect adorning any room.