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Choosing Heartfelt 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

By two years into a marriage, a couple can be said to be settled into their new estate. After the trials of the first year or so, they can now look forward to the comfort of being settled and happy. If you need inspiration for exciting and heartfelt 2nd wedding anniversary gifts, there are plenty of great suggestions. From fun, unique presents to classic and traditional options, there is sure to be something that your loved ones will delight in.

As many couples already have a fully furnished home, equipped with all the essentials after two years of marriage, a symbolic and memorable token is an excellent idea that is sure to be appreciated.

Gift Traditions for the 2nd Anniversary

happy 2nd anniversary It may be surprising to discover that the theme of cotton is linked with 2 years of marriage as that is not a commonly known fact. Chosen as it represents a couple’s ability to adapt to the needs and requirements of the other partner, it also indicates durability, reflecting the lasting nature of love.

If, however, cotton gifts don’t appeal to you, there is an alternative available. In the modern list of materials linked to anniversaries, the more up to date choice is china, so you could opt for this theme instead when looking for inspiration.


White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings

  • Real miniature white rose petals combined with 24k gold.
  • Each pair features 16 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • These earrings are intricately detailed.

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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

White Matched Set

  • The rose is trimmed in 24k gold and glazed.
  • Pendant & earrings made from white rose petals.
  • Each jewelry is inlaid with synthetic diamonds.

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Floral Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The second year of marriage is linked to the beautiful cosmos flower, with its brilliant array of hues from yellow to vivid scarlet. Originating from Mexico, the name of these stunning blooms actually means ornamental in Greek, and has a reputation as being the true token of love. A bouquet of these gorgeous blossoms would be a delightful and symbolic gift to mark out the importance of this happy day.

Fascinating Facts About Cotton

Cotton is a fascinating fabric with a long and varied history. Cultivated all around the world for centuries, it is now the best-selling material on the globe. As long ago in the past as 3000 BC, humans were making raw cotton into fabrics, which are still popular today thanks to their unique properties. Able to warm the body during cold periods and cool it down during the heat of summer, cotton is wonderfully versatile and adaptable. Although China and India produce the majority of cotton today, the USA exports the majority of cotton products.

Traditional Cotton 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Cotton lends itself well to traditional couples wedding anniversary gifts, and you are sure to find luxurious and long-lasting presents that your loved ones will cherish. Egyptian cotton bedding is well known for its high quality and beautiful appearance, while cosy towel bales or bathrobes monogrammed with the initials of the happy couple make a personal and practical alternative. golden anniversary gift

China 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Those who prefer the modern option of china can choose from a range of commemorative anniversary plates, created especially for your loved ones with their names and anniversary date painted on the surface. These can be displayed, or even used on special occasions, and will form an enduring reminder of the event.

A pretty china vase would be another excellent option for couples who appreciate the finer things in life, especially if you present it alongside a gorgeous silver-dipped, gold-dipped or glazed natural rose from Eternity Rose. These intricately crafted artworks are hand produced by experts in a complex 3 month long process which results in a magnificent eternally beautiful blossom that can be displayed in pride of place forever.

2nd Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

If you are searching for inspiring 2nd year anniversary gift ideas for her, a china trinket box, perhaps presented with a beautiful pendant or earrings formed from a natural miniature rose head and trimmed with opulent fine gold, or a gorgeous personalized china photograph frame showcasing an image of you both together would be some excellent suggestions.

If you would prefer cotton 2nd anniversary gift ideas for her, a personalized t shirt would be a wonderful way to convey your message of undying love to your spouse. Alternatively, for a different twist on the cotton theme, why not consider a gorgeously cotton scented candle that will release a lasting and wonderful aroma throughout your home long after your anniversary date has passed.