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Finding Great 1st Anniversary Gifts for Her and Him

The first wedding anniversary is, in many ways, the most significant for any couple. Although other anniversary years may be linked with more precious materials such as gold and silver, the first anniversary stands out as a true milestone in any couple’s life. Taking the time to appreciate each other after that first year of ups and downs, and seizing the opportunity to demonstrate to our loved ones just how much they are loved and admired on this special occasion is a wonderful way to mark out this happy day as an important event in a married couple’s journey together.

The first year of marriage can be a tough time, as couples encounter together all kinds of unexpected trials and also many joys for the first time as a pair in union. The perfect 1st anniversary gift will highlight the couple’s success at weathering these situations and coming out the other side ever stronger and ever happier together.

First Wedding Anniversary Traditions

1 year and countingThe first wedding has been a major milestone that has been celebrated for years. In 1922, Emily Post published a book which contained a list of 8 milestone anniversary years, with the 1st anniversary being among them. This list associated a traditional material with every anniversary, and linked paper with the first year of marriage. By the late 1930s, celebration of the first anniversary with the giving of paper gifts was widely known.

So why paper for this first key year? There are many reasons put forward for this, all focusing on the symbolic nature of paper. Although paper seems to be simple and too basic to form the basis of a loving and meaningful gift, it actually represents the blank page of the future facing the couple in this early stage of their married life. Paper is also fragile, easily ripped and torn apart, like a marriage in its early stages. It reminds the couple of the need to build up the strength of their relationships so that it becomes unbreakable.


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Finding 1st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

It can be difficult to come up with inspiring ideas for 1st anniversary gift ideas for her. Paper is a tricky material to work with in order to create something memorable and yet that conveys the meaning of love that you want to portray. However if you take the time to do your research, you can find some wonderful ideas that she will love and that will act as a lasting memento of this most wonderful time in your married life.

If you are looking for good first wedding anniversary gift ideas for her, a personalised poster is an excellent choice. Made from paper, this present fits the bill if you wish to incorporate the traditional theme for this anniversary year, but it also has the extra personal touch of personalisation. There are many types to choose from including song lyrics for your first dance, a picture incorporating your entwined initials, a portrait of your first home together, or a picture of your wedding venue.

Low Cost First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

a platinum rose for your wedding anniversaryIn the first year of marriage, budgets can be tight, with the need to fund your new household and plan for the future. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent low cost, and even free first wedding anniversary gifts for her that you can make yourself or purchase inexpensively.

Why not make your own message in a bottle, writing a sweet love poem or expressing your feelings for your spouse and hiding it inside a small bottle to give your partner on the happy day? Or you could make a 10 Things I Love About You box, by scribing 10 things that make you happy about your wife on small slips of paper and popping them into a pretty presentation box wrapped in ribbon. Extremely cheap to produce, she can treasure this heartfelt gift for a lifetime.

A simple love letter beautifully captures the essence of the paper anniversary, especially if it is accompanied with a single red rose – the quintessential symbol of romance. For a more long-lasting memento to present alongside your love letter, why not invest in the beautiful red Eternity Rose, created from a stunning natural rose preserved in an elegant glaze and trimmed with lavish 24 karat gold. There is no better way to show your wife how deeply you love her in this key moment of your marriage.