24 karat gold rose

15 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

In this modern age, 15 years of marriage is a significant achievement and you will want to celebrate this milestone with pride with your relatives or friends. If you are struggling to think of exciting 15 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones, you may want to find out more about the traditions and customs associated with this anniversary year in order to find a symbolic and heartfelt token of esteem that the recipients are sure to appreciate.

Traditional 15th Anniversary Gifts and Themes

crystal anniversaryEmily Post’s book, published in 1922 and revealing the etiquette of celebrating wedding anniversaries revealed that the 15th wedding anniversary was one of the milestone years already in widespread celebration by the start of the 20th century. It also formally linked this year of marriage with the material crystal, one of the earliest anniversaries to be linked to a particular material and also the first anniversary to have a precious commodity associated with it.

Crystal is a symbolic choice for 15th anniversary gifts as it has a delicacy and fragility that makes it even more precious. Just like a 15 year marriage, it must be cared for and handled carefully in order for it to flourish and endure, and yet is radiant and brilliant, reflecting the beauty of a long-lived love between a husband and wife.


White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings

  • Real miniature white rose petals combined with 24k gold.
  • Each pair features 16 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • These earrings are intricately detailed.

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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

Blue Matched Set

  • A perfectly preserved and glazed blue rose.
  • The Pendant and earrings are in leaf theme.
  • The pendant is featuring 30 synthetic diamonds.

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Interesting Information About Crystal

Crystal glassware has a long history, with George Ravenscroft in the 17th century being the first person to perform large-scale manufacture of clear crystal glassware and so making England the centre of the crystal glassware trade for decades to come. By the end of the 18th century, it was being produced across Europe to make decorative homewares. Today it is used to make many beautiful ornaments and pieces of jewellery and it is characterised by its elegance, its fine cut and its high ringing sound when tapped.

Choosing Floral 15th Anniversary Gifts

red glazed roseFlowers are a popular and common choice for any anniversary gift, and for a floral15th anniversary gift that is really meaningful, roses are the obvious choice. The red rose is the blossom linked with the 15th year of marriage and also conveys undying love in the language of flowers. What better gift could a husband give his wife on such a special occasion? Whether you choose a bouquet of red blooms or the single quintessentially romantic red rose bud, this is a symbolic token that will touch her heart.

If you want to truly impress your wife with a rose-related gift on this special anniversary, why not give her a beautiful red glazed Eternity Rose? Each hand-picked blossom has been plucked in its prime, preserved in a fine and complex glaze and trimmed with lavish 24 karat gold detailing resulting in a superbly crafted token of love. Perfectly conveying its message of enduring adoration, which wife would not cherish such a heartfelt gift?

Traditional and Decorative Crystal 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anyone who wishes to adopt the traditional theme of crystal into their choice of 15th anniversary gift should look to elegant crystal homewares for a stylish and timeless token of esteem. Fine crystal champagne flutes or wine glasses will always be put to practical use while also maintaining an attractive appeal when displayed proudly in a cabinet. A crystal vase, perhaps presented with a bouquet of stunning red roses would perfectly combine two themes of this once in a lifetime milestone in one significant and memorable gift.

For recipients who prefer decorative and ornate gifts, a gorgeous crystal figurine or pretty traditional crystal bell would make a wonderful lasting memento of this happy event.

Luxurious Crystal Themed 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you want to treat your loved ones to an extravagant surprise on the occasion of their 15th wedding anniversary, a luxurious holiday to a destination famous for its connection to crystal glassware would be one of the best possible 15 year anniversary gifts. Italy is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic break together as a couple and to explore new experiences that can be reminisced about forever. Give your loved ones countless wonderful memories when you give them this amazing and lavish gift.