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Choosing Significant 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

The 10th wedding anniversary has long been known to be one of the key milestone years in the journey of any couple’s marriage, and is a cause for major celebrations with family and friends. A decade of happy marriage is no small feat, and you will want to demonstrate your appreciation and affection for your loved ones by finding them lovely 10 year anniversary gifts that are both significant and sure to be cherished.

Traditions of Traditional 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

10 wonderful yearsEmily Post’s book published in the early 1920s revealed that 8 milestone years were popularly celebrated and well-known throughout the nation, and the tenth wedding anniversary was one of these key occasions.

The material connected with the 10th wedding anniversary is tin, said to reflect the necessity of a couple to be flexible and adaptable within their marriage in order for it to flourish as tin is a very pliable metal. It also symbolises a marriage’s ability to bend without being broken in two.

The colours linked with 10 years of happy marriage are silver and blue, and the blue sapphire is the gemstone associated with a decade of union.


White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

White Matched Set

  • The rose is trimmed in 24k gold and glazed.
  • Pendant & earrings made from white rose petals.
  • Each jewelry is inlaid with synthetic diamonds.

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Gold-dipped rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

  • It combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of the gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case.
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Fascinating Facts About Tin

Tin has been used since approximately 3000 BC when the bronze age first began, and the need for tin to produce tools and weaponry led to a strong demand for the substance and prompted trade. Today around a quarter of a million tonnes of tin is mined every year, with the biggest producer being China. Commonly used in cans for food preservation, tin is also found being used for a wide range of purposes including in electrical circuits, in the pipes of church organs, in the production of window glass, in batteries, and of course in decorative artworks.

Floral 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

If you are looking for inspiration for floral 10th anniversary gift ideas for her, why not look to the beautiful daffodil? This gorgeous blossom is easy to find and makes a striking display, arrangement or bouquet that will delight any wife. In the language of flowers, daffodils represent happiness and joy, making them an extra significant gift on this happy day.

Alternatively, give a long-lasting floral gift when you surprise her with a stunning Eternity Rose. These opulent artworks are among the most meaningful 10th anniversary gifts for her as they can convey a message of love more effectively than any generic store-bought gift thanks to their magnificent and unique nature. Created from an individual natural rose, these striking blossoms are dipped in silver, or glazed in a complex and skilled process to produce an astounding memento of the 10th anniversary that will find a prime place in every marital home for proud display for generations.

golden anniversary gift

Tin 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Tin may not seem like the easiest material to work with when you are searching for 10 year anniversary gift ideas for her that she is sure to cherish for a lifetime, however you may be surprised at the breadth of options available.

photo memoriesMake a romantic memory box by purchasing a stylish tin container and packing it with meaningful tokens that reveal the depths of your love. Photographs of the two of you together, tickets from holidays, concerts or shows that you have enjoyed as a couple, love letters that you have penned for her, and love poems that you have written are just some of the ideas that you could include to surprise her with a truly unique and completely bespoke present that will both impress and touch her heart.

A piece of stylish tin jewellery would be a wonderful token to mark this special occasion, as which lady doesn’t love to receive a gorgeous pendant or earrings, made doubly significant because of the symbolism of the theme. Choose from a range of styles and find something that she will truly love.

A tin photograph frame showcasing a beautiful picture of the two of you together would be a decorative and significant token, a tin clock or ornament can beautifully adorn your marital home, while a pretty tin 10th anniversary keyring will reflect the theme of the event while being a practical and enduring gift.