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Thoughtful Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who is about to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary? Could be a member of your family, or friends? Perhaps you’re looking forward to enjoying your own celebration. All the more reason to think about finding the perfect silver wedding anniversary gift. 25 years of living together as man and wife, is certainly worthy of exchanging gifts. Quarter of a century is a long time to be married, and what better reason for having a party? Spend a few moments looking over our website and hopefully you’ll get a few interesting silver wedding anniversary gift ideas, to surprise your partner, family members or friends. The internet is littered with gift sites, and other spots you can visit for gift ideas and suggestions on how best to celebrate such a momentous event. But to help you out and save a bit of time we’ll try and give you as many as possible, all in one place.

Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts Don’t Have to Break the Bank

gift ideasThe important thing to remember, when it comes to finding the right gifts is the thought that has gone into choosing or making the present will be far more important than any attached price tag. Money can’t buy happiness, and this is certainly true in the world of gift giving – whatever the occasion, and whoever the intended receiver. Many anniversary couples would appreciate a handmade gift much more than something picked off the shelf. Silver is the colour and symbol normally associated with a 25th wedding anniversary, but if you’re planning on making something yourself, there’s no harm to be done by choosing another colour, because the most important quality is the thought and love that has gone into making it.


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Handmade Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your parents will always appreciate a handmade anniversary gift from their kids. Handprints of all the family members will definitely be appreciated. After all when you were making these kinds of gifts at school, your parents were a long way off of a silver celebration. Try and recreate an image with all the different sized handprints, and use lots of different colours. See if you can gather together some photos of the couple and have them copied, printed on some material and made into a quilt. Or you could put them all together in a scrapbook, charting the couples happy history, and leaving a few pages free for the coming years. Why not create a time capsule with some of the memories you’ve got? Fill it with your own special memories and then give it to your partner so they can add theirs. If the anniversary you’re looking to celebrate is close to Christmas, you could make the happy couple some silver tree decorations. That way they can remember the event longer than just one day.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Husbands aren’t the easiest creatures to buy for – and he’ll be saying that wives aren’t that easy either. Well let’s first give a little help to all you ladies out there who are looking for ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts.

  • A pair of silver cufflinks are a great gift for any husband. That is of course if he is happy wearing a shirt.
  • A silver key-ring – you can get it engraved with a special message, and it’s the kind of practical gift he can use every day.
  • Gift him your very last rolo – silver of course, so you can keep the chocolate one for yourself
  • A personalised silver lighter
  • Remember love hearts? Those sweets can now be bought silver plated – a sweet way to say “I love you”.

Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Your special lady will appreciate almost anything – she really isn’t that hard to buy for. But if you’re really worried about finding the perfect anniversary gift for her, then let’s help with a few suggestions.

  • An item of silver jewellery will be very appreciated by your darling wife. You could pick a silver pendant, ring, bracelet or stunning pair of silver earrings. Make sure you pick something that is in keeping with what she already has.
  • A silver watch – smartphones and tablets have had a bit of an impact when it comes to telling the time. But your wife will nevertheless enjoy wearing a beautiful timepiece, chosen by you and engraved on the back.
  • A silver trinket box – somewhere to keep a few treasured possessions
  • A silver gift from Eternity Rose – a natural rose dipped in silver or a silver dipped vase.

Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Know a couple of friends who are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary? Finding a gift that they can both enjoy can be a bit challenging. So consider surprising them with one of the following ideas: Silver Wind Chimes – a bit of a twist on the traditional wooden wind chimes, but silver ones will make a great addition to their home. The gentle and melodic sounds will remind them on a daily basis, of the love that they continue to share. You could even get them engraved for an extra special touch. Silver Flutes – glasses not the musical instruments of course. The addition of a set of silver toasting flutes will make their anniversary dinner more memorable. You can have them engraved with the couples names and date of their marriage, and add an extra few words to show how much you care. Painted Portrait – if you fancy yourself as a bit of a budding Rembrandt you could give this gift a go yourself. Otherwise find the services of a local artist and take along a recent photo for them to recreate. It might cost a bit, but a good artist will perfectly capture their feelings for each other.

When it comes to ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts you could spend hours and hours worrying over your choices. What matters to the celebrating couple is that you’ve spent the time making or picking something just for them, and you’ve come along to enjoy their celebration.