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Looking for Interesting Silver Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband? – Do Something Special

There are countless gifts you can give that special man in your life, but this anniversary spend some time together doing the things you both enjoy. This important milestone is worthy of some kind of celebration, but it’s your special day, so choose to spend it how you want. You could plan a big party and invite your family and friends, or pass the day in each others company, away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Your family is probably all grown up now, so their care shouldn’t be a problem. but if you’ve still got family responsibilities, see if you can get some help for the day.

Take Each Other Away on a Second Honeymoon

gift for husbandIn keeping with the silver theme for your anniversary, why not spend some time on Portugal’s Silver Coast? Some of the country’s best beaches are situated here. There are miles of uninterrupted coastline, just waiting for you to explore. You won’t have a problem finding a beach that you can enjoy all on your own, without worrying about hoards of tourists. Prices are much cheaper than more popular destinations, and the locals are friendly and inviting.


Platinum-dipped natural Rose

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

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Gold-dipped poker cards

Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Declare Your Love by Renewing Your Vows

This is the sort of celebration that can be enjoyed with family and friends or just a couple of close companions, even on your own. It’s a great way to proclaim your love for each other, and show how strong it is even after 25 years. Choose a location that holds special meaning for you both – it could at home, in the local church where you first made your vows, or in a swanky hotel. The choice of venue is completely up to you. Have a replica made of your wedding cake and replicate the food at your wedding reception. Or try something completely different. This kind of festivity is all about doing what you want. Without having to worry about keeping the rest of the family happy.

25 Gifts for 25 Years

One recent idea we came across was to give each other 25 gifts – one for each year of your marriage. The gifts don’t have to be extravagant,. We’ve said it enough, but we’ll say it again, it’s the thought behind the gifts that is most important. Gift ideas for your husband could include cuff links, a ring, a silver watch, his favourite chocolate bar wrapped in silver paper. You know him best and are sure to be able to come up with enough simple gifts.

Enjoy a Romantic Date for Two – It’s Probably Long Overdue

When you’re experiencing the first flushes of love you probably enjoyed lots of days filled with romance. Over the years the number has likely dwindled, and maybe even disappeared altogether. Take time out of your normal life and inject a bit of romance for a change. Your husband is the most important man in your life, and it’s time to enjoy his company. There are lots of intimate activities you can enjoy together such as walking in the park, and enjoying a picnic lunch. Spoil yourselves with a romantic candlelight dinner, and then curl up at the end of the day together and reminisce with some old photos.

Traditional Silver Anniversary Gifts for Him

On the whole husbands prefer their gifts to be practical and useful. So when it comes to silver anniversary gifts for your husband, partner, friend or family it’s always going to be good to find something that he can use. The gift could be emotional and romantic, or it could be something smart.

A Silver Timepiece – Although smartphones and other electronic gadgets have kind of done away with the need to wear a watch, this sort of gift is definitely worth considering. It also gives you an opportunity to add an engraving to the back of the face, making this gift far more personal. There will be lots of occasions that he can choose to wear it, but he could also choose to wear it on a daily basis. A great alternative to a wrist watch is a pocket watch and chain.

A Money Clip – Does your husband have a problem fitting all his hard earned cash into his wallet? A silver money clip is the answer. He’ll be able to carry his cash stylishly, while saving his wallet for cards, without putting it under pressure.

Silver Plated Bottle Opener – This nifty little gadget will easily fit into his pocket or could be attached to a silver key ring. No more hunting around for something to open his bottle of beer when his thirst needs quenching.

Silver Rimmed Tankard – When he’s opened his beer, give him something to pour it into. You can even have it engraved, either with his name or simply “I Love You”.

A Personalised Silver Business Card Case – He can have his business cards easily accessible, and could even match his silver money clip. Also great for adding a touch of personalisation with an engraving.

Buy Him a Useful Gadget

When it comes to their gadgets, men never seem to grow up. They all love to give their inner-child free range from time to time, and who are you to stop that. There are heaps of gadgets and gizmos that will appeal to the little boy, waiting to get out.

  • iPhone wallet – somewhere small and compact for his phone and cards
  • Stylophone beatbox – a pocket sized electronic beat box that reminds him of his childhood
  • A wireless mouse – shaped like a car
  • Underwater video camera – can be attached to anything for all those action shots
  • Remote controlled car
  • USB mug warmer – to keep his drink warm while he’s slaving away at the keyboard
  • Pop up hot dog toaster – making his hot dog snack really easy to make

You know you love him, and he probably knows it too, but there’s nothing wrong with letting him know every now and again. And your silver wedding anniversary is a great time to show him how much he means to you with a thoughtful, caring gift.