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Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her That’ll Make Her Smile

Wondering where to start in your search for the perfect silver wedding anniversary gift for your wife? Tired of falling back on chocolates and flowers? Want to do something a little bit more memorable for this important milestone in your marriage? Well who wouldn’t blame you for wanting to find something special, after all 25 years of marriage is something to be very proud of. Especially when you consider that many modern marriages end in divorce. Silver is the symbol associated with 25th wedding anniversary gifts, but don’t feel that your gift has to be this, unless your wife is a staunch traditionalist. If this is the case, finding something silver really won’t be a problem, but if she doesn’t fall into this category then your gift searching is a piece of cake.

The important factor with any kind of gift, is that it is given with love. Anything after that is a bonus. It is a well known fact that women hold the emotional thought behind a gift dear to their hearts, not the price tag. With that in mind here’s a few quick suggestions, when you’re looking for silver anniversary gift ideas for her.


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White Glazed Rose Earrings

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  • These earrings are intricately detailed.

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White matched set - rose, pendant and earrings

White Matched Set

  • The rose is trimmed in 24k gold and glazed.
  • Pendant & earrings made from white rose petals.
  • Each jewelry is inlaid with synthetic diamonds.

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A gift set of silver jewellery – a silver necklace and pendant, with matching earrings is a perfect gift for your wife. Keep in mind the style of jewellery she already has in her collection, and pick something that fits in well. You’ll be able to find personalised heart pendants, infinity bracelets, personalised silver bangles, and a favourite among celebrities – a Priceless Necklet. It consists of a simple, blank price tag that is hung from a chord, presented with a card and the following special words: “Sometimes, someone is everything…There can be a million stories why but the reasons are all the same. You’re incomparable, you’re irreplaceable, you’re priceless.” What a beautiful sentiment.

Do you love her enough to give her your last rolo? – well you don’t actually have to, because you can now buy a sterling silver Rolo, to give as an everlasting keepsake.

A silver jewellery or trinket box – this will make a great silver anniversary present for your wife. Somewhere she can keep all her precious trinkets or jewellery, and you can engrave it as well.

And moving away from the traditional silver…

gift for herA romantic trip just the two of you – you’re going to score big if you whisk your wife away on a romantic holiday. There are lots of exotic locations, or you could try somewhere close to home. You could revisit your honeymoon destination, or pick somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

Go up, up and away for a balloon ride – this is a great way to spend your silver wedding anniversary, weather permitting of course. Start the day of with a champagne breakfast, picnic lunch on the way and finish with a candlelight dinner.

Treasure hunt – we’ve already looked at buying 25 gifts for your husband, but you can get in on the act too. To make it more interesting turn the gift giving experience into a treasure hunt. Hide the clues around your home, to help her find your 25 gifts.

Try something new – you’re possibly a bit stuck in your ways, after being married for 25 years who wouldn’t be. Time to taste adventure and try something new. It could be something as simple as dancing lessons, or something a bit more adventurous such as rock climbing or flying.

Planning a 25th Anniversary Dinner? Here’s How to Do It

If you think you’d like to involve family and friends in your anniversary celebrations, a great way to do it is with an anniversary dinner. Plan to do it in style and organise it well and your spouse will think you’re a winner.

Tips for Your Dinner Preparations

First you need to take into consideration your wife’s taste and preferences. Would she prefer the festivities to be more intimate, with just a few family members and friends, or would she be up for a monumental party, with tens of guests and a huge venue?

Once you’ve decided on the size of the gathering you can look into suitable venues, and pick a date and time. You’ll need to be sure that the venue you’ve chosen can cope with your guest list, and if your anniversary falls during the holidays or another special occasion, you might want to consider a date later in the month, to allow as many people as possible to attend. Send your silver themed party invites out a few weeks before the event.

Pick your food wisely. You can probably find a caterer that will suit your budget, as you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove leading up to the event. And if you’re planning a secret party, then the vol-au-vents and sausage rolls piling up in your kitchen might give the game away.

Think about your plans for entertainment, as the festivities won’t last very long if all you’re going to do is eat. Will there be speeches, music, games and dancing? Will you need a DJ, or is there a local band worth hiring for the occasion? Put together a playlist of your wife’s favourite songs. Are you brave enough to stand up and share the love you have for your wife with all the guests? You might want to recall some of your memorable moments, and there’s bound to be a few funny stories you can tell.

On the day of the celebration it’s time to get decorating. You might find that the venue you’ve chosen will happily do this for you, but this will certainly up the cost. Doing it yourself will be much more budget friendly, and all it takes is a little bit of imagination and lots of things silver.

And don’t forget about pictures……………you might have a family member who can step up to the plate, but otherwise there are lots of professional photographers you can call on. You don’t want the occasion to pass by without some snaps to keep for the future.

Enjoying your silver wedding anniversary is important for the strength of your relationship and to show those around you how much you care about each other.