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Gift Ideas for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of a Favourite Couple


Do you have a couple of friends who are soon to be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary? Are you a bit stumped about finding the perfect gift? However long you’ve known the happy pair, you don’t need to worry because there are heaps of lovely, attractive, beautiful, fun, and practical gifts to choose from. A 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver one because that is the symbol that has been associated with enjoying 25 years of marriage for hundreds of years. Going back as far as the Holy Roman Empire and medieval Germany, husbands have been giving their beloved wives gifts made of silver. Back then it was a wreath that she wore on their anniversary, but things have moved on since then and friends, family, neighbours and co-workers often get in on the act. As you’ve found your way to this page, we think it’s a safe bet that you’re on the lookout for a perfect gift ideas for silver wedding anniversary for friends you know.

Practical Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Couple of Friends

Picture frames are the most obvious choice when it comes to buying silver wedding anniversary gifts for a couple. One each or one to share, filled with some memorable photos. A silver plated carriage clock would look marvellous on their mantelpiece. If the anniversary is close to Christmas how about considering some silver baubles for their tree. A set of intertwined silver key rings might also go down a treat. Matching silver bracelets, necklaces, or rings. If you want to keep within a certain budget, you might want to think about something coloured silver, in which case your options are almost endless. There are many kitchen gadgets you can buy with an option of being silver coloured, rather than the traditional white. So why not an espresso maker, ice-cream or bread maker, or a deep fat fryer? While these sort of gifts are undoubtedly practical, the happy couple might not really want or need more things for their home. In which case you’re going to have to think out of the box and come up with something completely different.


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Moving Away from Traditional Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts25 years of happiness

If your friends are planning a big celebration, why not get together with a few of their friends, and come up with something that will be more memorable than a trinket box, glasses, photo frame or piece of jewellery? A gift hamper is always a great idea for a silver wedding anniversary present idea for a couple of friends. If there are a few of you contributing this this particular gift, then you should be able to come up with plenty of ideas on how to fill it. DVD’s, CD’s, books, booze and foodie items. If everyone contributes just a few items, the gift hamper will soon be full to overflowing. Another great idea is to put your money together and organise a party, send them on a holiday or book a short anniversary experience. Racing supercars, riding motorbikes, racing golf-carts, golfing or afternoon tea at a swanky London hotel. The variety of different experience days to book for a couple of mates is really quite astounding. And if you think they deserve a holiday, after 25 years of married life who wouldn’t, pack them off on a little vacation. Their kids are probably old enough to take care of themselves, so give them the opportunity to enjoy each others company. No distractions, no commitments and definitely no responsibilities.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Might Want to Make Yourself

The traditional way to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary is with a gift made from silver. A handmade gift on the other hand will be far more memorable.

  • Create a Time Capsule – make a decorative box and fill it with items from the year that they got married. You could pop in some movies, music from the era, food and candy, and see if you can get an authentic newspaper.
  • Scrapbook – tell the happy couples relationship story by including photos of happy moments they’ve both shared, such as the birth of their children, memorable holidays, birthdays and other happy events.
  • Candleholder – make the coupe a handy candle holder, so they can gaze lovingly over a candle at their anniversary dinner. Decorate the holder with silver details and wrap it all up with silver wrapping paper and a ribbon.

Being asked to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary with friends is quite an honour, regardless of whether they are family or friends. Sharing the festivities for such an important occasion is always worthy of a silver wedding anniversary gift. We hope we’ve helped you find one.