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Celebrate Your Special Day with Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Your silver wedding anniversary is just round the corner, a very important day for married couples. The time you’ve spent together and your memorable journey takes on a whole new meaning with each passing year. You’ve shared some highs and lows, good times and bad times, but you’ve had the strength to see them through. After 25 years together you’ve become inseparable soul mates, and this anniversary, more than any other so far, is a great cause for celebration. It’s likely that you want to share this special occasion with family and friends, so here’s some great silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples.

Organise an Anniversary Party for Family and Friends

For your 25th anniversary celebration, it’s always good to share the occasion with loved ones. Some of your friends and family may have moved away and lost touch, so this is a great opportunity to invite them over and catch up. Send out invites to all the important people in your lives, and then set yourself a budget for the party. When you’ve decided on how much you want to spend, you can get on with booking a venue and some entertainment. A great place to hold your party would be where you first tied the knot and held your reception. However this might not be possible, so make sure your venue is large enough to hold all the guests, and special enough for such an important event. You could of course always hold your party at home.


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Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Just for Two

If you’d rather keep things low key, why not spend the evening sharing a candlelight dinner? If you’d like a few people to be involved, consider inviting your kids and a couple of close friends. It would mean you get to spend the day with some people who you both hold very dear, and wouldn’t involve the huge expense of a celebratory party. When all your guests have gone home, you both get to sit and enjoy each others company.silver anniversary hearth

Why Not Say “I Do” all Over Again?

Now that you’ve completed 25 years of married life, you could take the opportunity to strengthen your bonds by renewing your wedding vows. Choose to do this at your anniversary party, or with an informal gathering of family and friends. How about going back to the church where you first made your vows? Buy each other a matching set of wedding rings, and exchange them all over again. You might want to change the words of your wedding vows, because after 25 years, your priorities, values and feelings may have changed.

Watch Some Old Videos and Look at Your Photos

Reaching a quarter of a century is a great time to sit back and recall some of your favourite moments. Look back over all those family videos and reminisce by flicking through your photos. Rather than keeping them all in a box, take the opportunity to gather those that are most memorable in a scrapbook, or display them in a picture frame.

Surprise Your Spouse with an Expression of Love

When you’re celebrating a silver wedding anniversary this is the perfect time to show your spouse how much you care. Express your love with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in the morning, followed by breakfast in bed. If your wife is usually the first one up to make the coffee, letting her enjoy a lie in and taking over responsibility for breakfast will be a fantastic surprise. Rather than give her real flowers, which unfortunately have a short shelf life, why not give her a gift from Eternity Rose? They have perfected a technique that preserves the beauty of an individual rose bloom for a lifetime. By carefully dipping it in a precious metal. For your silver wedding anniversary you can give your wife a rose dipped in silver.

Top 5 Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

This anniversary you should be thinking of exchanging some very special gifts. A quarter of a century of married life together is an important milestone in your relationship. But what could you give each other as silver wedding anniversary gifts?

  • Give each other an item of jewellery – matching necklaces or bracelets would be a perfect choice.
  • A bottle of bubbly, with personalised glasses – start the day off with champagne in bed, served in a pair of exquisite crystal champagne glasses, trimmed with silver
  • Matching silver keyrings – a place to keep all your keys safe, personalised with a special message
  • Enjoy a couples spa day – lie back and relax together, letting the worries of the world float away
  • A stylish figurine – preferably of a loving couple, gazing into each others eyes, while enjoying an embrace

We sincerely hope you enjoy your 25th anniversary, looking forward to your future years together, and celebrating with family and friends those years that have passed.