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Want to Buy Your Wife Some Earrings as a Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift?

For your silver wedding anniversary you might want to consider buying a pair of silver earrings for your beloved wife. Silver is of course the symbol most commonly associated with celebrating 25 years of marriage, and an item of jewellery is a perfect choice. With earrings you don’t have to worry about finding the right size, and if your wife has pierced ears, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll leave home without a pair of earrings adorning her ears. Earrings will go with pretty much anything she might be wearing. So you won’t have a problem finding the right pair. But there’s so many different ones to choose from we hear you cry. Well let’s see if we can help you out, because you might be thinking it’s a bit of a minefield.

What to Look for When Buying Silver Earrings.

When buying silver jewellery from a shop, you should always look out for signs of tarnishing and blemishes, as this is a quick indication of the quality of the items. Also look for a hallmark, as real silver and sterling silver items will be marked with 3 numbers, to indicate the purity of the silver. Look for 925, or .925, or the words ‘sterling silver’, as this indicates that the item is 92.5% pure silver. A number any lower than that means that more alloys have been added or the silver plating is really thin. A lower silver content will mean that the earrings will be more likely to darken and tarnish when in contact with the tiniest drop of moisture.


Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A real rose with a fine coating of pure silver.
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  • The rose is ideal to express your everlasting love.

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Platinum-dipped natural Rose

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A stunning natural rose dipped in certified platinum.
  • Supplied with its own elegant display case in PU leather.
  • Boasts a glorious lustrous mirror finish.

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Pure Silver, Sterling Silver or Silver Plating – Which is the Best?

silver anniversary Sterling silver is actually the standard for silver jewellery. Pure silver is soft and easily damaged so is usually combined with another metal, resulting in a more durable material. Usually containing more than 90% pure silver, sterling silver is stronger and more resistant to signs of wear. And unlike silver plating, it won’t wear away. So the answer to the question is undoubtedly sterling silver. You can’t really use pure silver for anniversary earrings, and plated silver will simply wear away.

Caring for Your Silver Anniversary Earrings

Look after your silver earrings and they’ll last a lifetime. Silver is not scratch-proof, so should be stored in its own cloth pouch. Or if you’re lucky enough to own a jewellery box, it should sit in its own compartment. Don’t under any circumstances clean your silver earrings with a bleach or ammonia based cleaning product. And always remember to take them off before swimming in a chlorinated pool, as the chemicals will damage the silver. Silver naturally become dull as it reacts with certain chemicals in the air. This dulling is known as tarnish, but it is relatively easy to remove. Wearing your silver jewellery regularly will reduce that buildup of tarnish, but the time will come when you need to give it a clean. There are a number of speciality cleaning products available at your local hardware, craft or jewellery store, so don’t be tempted to use any old thing you found in the cupboard. As soon as you spot signs of tarnishing, get out the cleaning products and give your anniversary earrings a gentle clean. Leave the tarnish on the earrings for a long period of time, and it will be much harder to remove.

Studs, Hoops or Drops – Which Would Your Wife Prefer?

Wondering which type of earring to buy for your wife’s anniversary gift? Let’s look at the three most popular styles.

  • Stud Anniversary Earrings – stud earrings are small and very easy to wear. Wear them with jeans or as an accessory for her little black dress, they work equally effectively. You can choose plain metal studs, obviously silver for your silver wedding anniversary, but can also be set with a precious stone.
  • Hoops – these are often the first style of earring your wife will have worn after having her ears pierced, but they are a very versatile style of earring. Made from plain metal or with the addition of a precious stone, you’re sure to see her eyes light up if you give these as an anniversary gift.
  • Drops – these dangle or drop below the earlobe, and add an elegant touch to any outfit. Also available set with a precious stone.

If you’re looking for a suitable silver wedding anniversary gift for your wife, jewellery is an excellent choice, and there’s so much to choose from. Earrings will be the perfect addition to your wife’s jewellery collection, and with all that variety where can you go wrong? Remember to pay attention to the items she already has and buy something in keeping. Unless of course your beloved is well known for bucking trends.